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Tungsten Carbide Supported Die Blanks

Tungsten carbide supported die blanks are tungsten carbide supported PCD die blanks in round shape. TC ring enhances tearing strength of die blanks, which is especially suitable for high strength and high speed wire drawing.


Cobalt bond tungsten carbide supported die blanks is through the high temperature and high pressure process to sintering the gold steel stone powder, the binding agent metal cobalt and the hard alloy ring at one time into the drawing die core. 

Hard alloy ring supporting, better protection of drawing die core not deformation, extended service life, only applicable to circular drawing die core.

Tungsten Carbide Supported Die Blanks


Supported PCD Die Blanks


1. The unlisted sizes are available per our customers' specifications. Please inform us of your product request if any other size required.

2. Maximum recommended die size for soft nonferrous wire. Hard wire diameter normally should not exceed 65% of this diameter.

3. Die blanks must be cased below 650℃


•  All supported die blanks offer an electrically conductive polycrystalline diamond core. 

   The 3-50 micron diamond grain size, aligned with the industry standard D-12 to D-36 dimensions, provide a full array of options when the application requires a cemented carbide-supported die blank.

   Reinforced by a special outer ring, making it possible to draw not only copper and aluminum wire but high tensile steel wire as well.

   Polycrystalline diamond core and sintering cemented carbide support ring closely, tungsten carbide ring support, make it has better crack resistance, therefore this kind of product can withstand the high strength and high speed drawing.


   Because of firmly bonded polycrystalline structure, it eliminates the cleavage faults, and it offers superior wear resistance

   The homogeneity of sintered body is implemented in our technology

   It has high abrasion resistance, hardness and thermal conductivity, and has good mechanical strength and toughness

   Extended service life