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The Performance of CVD Single Crystal Diamond

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1. Hardness: CVD Single Crystal Diamond has the largest hardness among all materials. Its Vickers Hardness is up to 10000GPa. CVD hardness is 1-2 times of HPHT Diamond (Yellow Color), 6 times of Cemented Carbide.

2. High Wear Resistance: The abrasive ratio of CVD Single Crystal Diamond is up to over 1.5 Million, and the Life Time of CVD Single Crystal Diamond is several times of HPHT Diamond.

3. High Machining Precision:The Surface Roughness of work piece being machined is up to Ra≤2nm, Profile Tolerance is ≥10nm.

4. High Thermal Conductivity: The CVD transfers heat fast, which is not easily deformed due to cutting heat. It can steadily work under 800oC environment in the air and 1300oC environment in the inert gas or vacuum.

5. Low Friction Coefficient: In the air, CVD friction coefficient with metal is 0.1. Therefore it has large friction resistance. The friction resistance is 100 times of Cemented Carbide.

6. Crystal Orientation: Providing(100),(110),(111) orientation.

7. Size Selection:3*3-mm - 10*10mm  Thickness:0.3mm-3mm(Accept customized requirement).

8. Regular Shape: We provide regular hexahedron CVD.

9. Accepting other shapes order:Triangle, Round, Trapezoid etc…